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Bianca Sheedy as Mata Hari

February 24th 2015 04:44

I went and took photographs of this show; so I declare that I know the core creative team who present The Mata Hari Project (TMHP) and have professional associations with them; I could say it is a fabulous show and leave it at that but there’s a little more I will say. I watched from up in the technical area trying to quietly take the photographs you see on the page here.

Picture by DP Jobling 2015

My perspective of watching through a camera frame obviously distracts from the complete immersion in the theatrical energy of the piece. I wouldn’t try and offer a great deal of commentary or review on all the characters or any minute details because I was watching as a photographer first; although having watched through the lens I was very impressed by the precision displayed in the details of costume and performance.

Bianca Sheedy is Mata Hari, accompanied by Musical Director pianist Pat Wilson one of the best piano accompanists in the country in my opinion. Adrian Barnes Directs this Adelaide fringe show billed as The Mata Hari Project, he and Gerhard Ruediger provide some voice overs.

TMHP is authentic fringe material; don’t misunderstand what I mean by ‘fringe’ it is not scruffy or rough at the edges in fact it is very distinguished, poised, elegant and mature. It is still going through metamorphosis structurally as a work of art like every other piece of musical theatre ever created.

Picture by DP Jobling 2015

I like this type of material during a Fringe Festival in Adelaide, it has always been around. New musical works being shown for the first time, much like off-Broadway runs or out of town runs you may read about or see in Hollywood movies about Broadway and the great tradition of musical theatre.

Centerlink the Musical and Wolf Creek The Musical have had good runs in Fringe and different songwriters, troubadours if you will, often present new song and story concepts during fringe; I love it.

I remember a local musical shows Jack The Ripper directed by John Noble of Fringe the TV Series and Lord of the Rings Trilogy doing great business out at the City of Elizabeth thirty-five years ago and the team behind this work, Barnes and Wilson have both contributed stellar new musical work in the past; newcomer Sheedy will be picking up a priceless seasoning from these two masters.

Adelaide’s Cabaret Fringe Festival usually features shows that are trying something different with cabaret. TMHP is experiencing being placed in front of an audience for the first time after a process of development. Like any new work it needs a platform to be on. It needs a festival to develop a relationship with the audience it finds.

Picture by DP Jobling 2015

The Fringe Festival always has a lot of experimental material, pushing various boundaries: presentation, interaction, venue choices many things; makes it arresting, fabulous and appealing.

TMHP fits into the Cabaret section of the overall Fringe program but it could justifiably sit in the Theatre genre as well. For a first outing in front of an audience a cabaret audience will be satisfied, but I can see more coming from the work they’ve achieved so far.

I believe TMHP is taking the first step; clearly it will one day get up, strut, possibly even toss in a high kick here or there but right now it’s finding its feet. I’ve been working on musicals and cabarets for a while (yes I’m an old fart) this production is at a crossroad; the usual panache displayed by Barnes is evident and TMHP is a show to be enjoyed as it stands, in a venue that allows a little more intimacy and dare I say interaction. The work researching Mata Hari, mining her words to construct a fascinating mosaic has paid off. A story about showbiz, romance, war, service, servitude and death; she was shot as a spy.

Barnes brings a lot of narrative to life by introducing different characters and insights. Jenn Havelberg is behind the Costume/Concept in TMHP and these elements work very well.

Sheedy transforms between characters deftly supported by costume and musical choices, singing passionately bringing a powerful set of contrasts into play. Her performance is mesmerising at times I found it very rich and mature. Where I felt a lacking was in the razzle dazzle department and the slip off your chair factor; Sheedy is sexy but she is yet to precisely nail that Andy Warhol Marylin Monroe make love to the camera sex goddess on the head.

Bianca Sheedy is Mata Hari
Picture by DP Jobling 2015

Give her time I say she will. I’m referring to the titillation level I guess. There is such dignity in the way Hari’s story sits, why she did the things she did, the forces that drove her it is a valuable story, but I wanted a little more contrast with the woman who could stir the loins by raising a veil. Sheedy reminded me of Ingrid Bergman at times although Bergman wasn’t a singer she did cover some of the emotional territory Mata Hari stumbles through towards her potentially David Hicksien end.

Pat H. Wilson Musical Director Mata Hari
Picture by DP Jobling 2015

Greta Garbo played Mata Hari on film so I suppose I think of some of the iconic images from the nineteen thirties when that film was made. A lot of iconic pop culture images emerged in 1931; Boris Karloff as the Frankenstein monster, the Empire State Building, Garbo as Hari. Once there was a bookshop in Hindley Street called the Third World Bookshop. Up on a mezzanine level you could look through posters and there would always be a poster of Greta Garbo as Mata Hari and she wore a great outfit.

Bianca Sheedy is Mata Hari
Picture by DP Jobling 2015

All of the elements work very well except the proscenium arch staging which reflects my personal tastes for this type of musical theatre. It seemed a little like the second act of Funny Girl when there is a lot of drama to fit in after falling in love with the drama queen in act one. It does start with a splashy number and there are some sexy scenes but I wanted a flash more of the seductress.

Bianca Sheedy is Mata Hari
Picture by DP Jobling 2015

I longed for her to walk among the people in the room, to be a pleasure parade and cavalcade. Adrian will get so much feedback I’m not going to start to give him notes, I thought everyone did a great job. The singing was fantastic, Bianca has a rich voice with a strong range, songs like Bulletproof and Nobody does it better sit well with I’m shadowing you and Lover undercover. That’s why I say it stands alone as enjoyable entertainment as it is; I expect Mister Barnes will further develop this show and join it with the ranks of others that started in such and such Fringe festival…


Equal love poem

August 15th 2014 03:20
Which boxes would God tick on a census form?
Miss? or Ms?

De facto? They used to call this Living in sin

God won't mind being the butt of a little joke - after all his was not exactly a traditional family was it, one virgin mother and two fathers... I thought that's what IVF stood for.

If you scan the crowd you'll see that God's here with us today.

If God created man then maybe he's a woman because God couldn't be, you know... although... making someone in his own image I mean... camp! There's a word you don't hear very often these days, camp.

One from the Old Testament.

But what I'm here to remind everyone of
is the thing they need to keep close to heart
Love is love, that's what I've been taught,
inside the family of all
doesn't really matter so much if it's a boy or a girl,
as long as love is love, for love is all,
and love we shall the boy or girl
and hope that they may live and love as well,
and we maybe know, but really don't rely on,
the knowledge that love is love despite,
the name of the God construct whatever it may be,
you pick up your own baby
and tell it tenderly that love is love

We all be in, this picture too,
me and you - we're all among the supreme beings
who, celebrate or tolerate the god-construct
and debate what's left of the old testaments...

And some of us wait patiently for a re-mastered hi-definition re-boot of the same old story that actually acknowledges and involves us in this never ending glory, instead of the edit we have right now
which lacks the finer grace of supremacy
as expected of supreme beings as they supremely do
unto me and you
as they do when they don't say
love is love (for me and you), your loves askew,
my right's not for you

So what are a same sex couple supposed to actually do?

Bow our right to assert our interweaving endeavours to old little demi-John's construct that marriage is fundamentally owned by squares, don't expect to put us off, for love remains to be love
and the desire to be, in a me and me pair
just like her and her or he and he

It's quite a natural desire quite a natural place
quite a natural thing, if you ask me.

And if I don't ask, and/or you don't tell,
there's that other Old Testament word called Hell,
where we hide ourselves again and we step right back to when faggots were invented and the civil rights were less than slack,
we can swing on the pendulum while the arc swings wide
and hope to get a foot in the door (of this place) or a message left inside

Or grow our critical mass and demand a mandate against same sex apartheid we certainly can't just let it ride.

We are all family, you be all my brothers and my sisters here with me, so let the hand fit the glove when we raise it in unison, and let love being love,
be love.

If we truly have that right to love, then we have the right to see it recognised and respected just in every other way the construct's been invented
to supply the demand of men and women
to declaire their love and show love is love
through the family that they chose to be.

Let's you and me remind all who come to see
what it's all about - is love
because love is love and it's love

Lots of love,

with love David Jobling

For the Equal Love Rally in Adelaide, South Australia on 13th August 2011, waiting for equality.

REVIEW | Pitch Black

August 15th 2014 03:09

A film by David Twohy

CAST: Vin Diesel, Radha Mitchell, Cole Hauser, Kieth David, Lewis Fitz-Gerald, Claudia Black, Rhiana Griffith, John Moore, Simon Burke, Les Chantery, Sam Sari, Firass Dirani, Ric Anderson, Vic Wilson, Angela Makin

SCREENPLAY: Jim & Ken Wheat & David Twohy

PITCH BLACK was produced on location in Queensland, Australia with the assistance of Pacific Film and Television Commission.

Running time: 107 minutes

A USA Films Release

As an attempt to explore the science-fiction and action-adventure genres PITCH BLACK falls into the 'too derivative' basket for my tastes, but for those who ache for more of the same it's almost an exotic hybrid of LOST IN SPACE, ALIEN, and that film with the vampire bats and the people in the underground science laboratory from the 1970's.

The story is set up with common place archtypes such as the crew being aroused from cryo-sleep, crash landing on a hostile planet and getting taken out by so many monsters that nothing really struck me as shocking or exciting when it all ended, not even the gender bend twist.

There are explanations for absolutely everything that may need explanation plus some quite amusing inferences that the main bad dude Riddick (possibly short for Riddickulous) played by steely contact lensed Vin Diesel was an 'abortion survivor' with memories of sitting in the bucket at the clinic.

The actors get to show limited promise due to a script that clumsily demonises menstruation, spirituality, justice, and male sensitivity while it attempts hip street speak by delivering "Fuck you!", "No fuck you!", "Fuck you fuck!" all too often.

I said when I first saw it, that it will have a market and it may even earn cult status in time, but you may have wondered, like me, how did all these people refrain from being drenched in sweat if the planet they crash landed on was so hot? Hmmm? (Five out of ten was what I gave it on release) Having looked at it a few times on DVD, I'll say they did an innovative job as far as budget and design went, I still think it's full of holes and only moderately entertaining.

David Jobling


August 15th 2014 03:08
FOX SEARCHLIGHT presents in association with the Isle of Man Commission
and Midsummer Films


Release Date: 30 March 2000 (Sydney & Melbourne)

CAST: Samantha Morton, Lee Toss, Miriam Margolyes, Frank Finlay, Nick Woodeson, Holly Aird, Rupert Graves.

This is a great film, beautifully made. Directed by ERIC STYLES. This gem of a film is yet another really good drama distributed by FOX SEARCHLIGHT who have brought us FELICIA'S JOURNEY and BOYS DON'T CRY. Hats off to them because so far I've really found a lot to love about each of these movies.

This film is set in Somerset, 1958. It's a very intimate story about a young woman Eva (Samantha Morton) and her relationship with Joseph Lees (Rupert Graves) as affected by her little twelve year old sister Janie (Lauren Richardson).

Even though Somerset has that end of the earth feeling about it and the most entertainment offered to the community is Friday night boxing, live in the ring with local lads gloved up and punching for blood Eva is a quietly spirited woman who seems one moment away from realising there's a change about to take foot for women's rights. She spends her time working at the local saw mill and taking art classes in drawing with Signora Caldoni (Miriam Margolyes) a wonderful charcter who is everything one would hope an art class teacher could be. The rest of the time Eva is toiling at home either sewing and mending, cooking, or
parenting her little brother and sister. She lives with them and her father (Frank Finlay) whom she works for as housekeeper and compliant daughter.

All the time Eva dreams of Joseph Lees a beautiful man who lost a leg in a tragic accident. He has moved to Italy somewhere, but no one is really sure where he is. Eva is sure what he is - her true love, despite the gradual seduction of Harry (Lee Ross) the local pig farmer who has lost his own parents, "Ma was gone and Dad was out there hangin', like I would be, 'cause I'm like him!".

The young sister brilliantly played by Lauren Richardson is quite a little meddler. She manipulates Eva at times in ways that are almost telepathic, other times she opens mail for Eva and reads the contents before she givs it over all re-wrapped, sealed with angelic eyes and fingers. She is never malicious, it seems that she really is motivated by love, but her actions are vital to the unfolding of the plot. A wonderful young actor to watch - I should think we'll be seeing more of her work in the future. This role distinguishes her as quite a contender.

This whole film is a story about people being motivated by love and people being manipulated by love. Eva doesn't take long to move in with Harry and start sleeping with him, even though, as her father says "People will talk" it doesn't move Eva away from getting some love and
passion into her bleak life. Harry the pig farmer is an emotional mess. He gets a nose bleed whenever he gets nervous. He would possibly be the perfect guy for Eva if it weren't for Joseph Lees. Eva responds to the reality that Harry is available, Joseph is away somewhere, and pitied by most as if being a one-legged man means you are half a man. Harry's
emotional self-assurance is very strong, he sweet talks and dances Eva into his bed pretty easily.

When Harry discovers that Eva is 'in love' with Joseph Lees he goes into a frenzy of playing out the dramatic pattern of his parents' tragic life. Poor Harry is such an extremist he eventually breaks in to the saw mill and makes a quick job of emulating Joseph Lees.

Eva is torn between true love, and the love she settled for because she hadn't imagined there were any other options available.

I don't want to let anything out about the rest of the story. I do want to say that this film really struck me as being something of a historical fact. It could almost be the way half of the women on the planet were tied to their husbands (defacto or married) at the time. The
manipulation would be far more obvious today I imagine. I doubt a woman would be quite as alone today as Eva is. The isolation of the place is very strong. She's pretty much a slave to her situation - but she does break free, and not only in her dreams.

It's a really good film and it may well reach out and grab you as deeply it did me. I could see my own parents (from the UK) sort of going along and doing what they think is right at the time, only to discover that this isn't what they want. Well, half of 'them' anyway. The masculine force is very strong in the film, and the social/emotional pecking order is really precise. The extreme male behaviour is very childish, while the female behaviour is always so down to earth and realist that it's very matter-of-fact when it gets anything close to extreme. Really stimulating stuff.

A good drama unfolds - by that I mean a complex story, even though some times you may feel you know what's about to happen (probably because of Hollywood programing) it is not predictable as such. It is deeply moving without being manipulative, by the end of the drama you will have options yourself, and that is what makes it such a great entertainment.

I left the screening feeling quite overwhelmed, ready to be sad about it all, but then someone pointed out that I wasn't entertaining the other strong possibility provided. I think this gentle but savage film is as good, if not better than 'Snow Falling on Cedars' - very much in the same category. If you enjoyed Scott Hicks' masterpiece you will enjoy DREAMING OF JOSEPH LEES.

Rupert Graves creates yet another character who is totally desireable. I admire his choices as an actor. He doesn't seem stuck in the same role again and again. Of course I think he's as hot as most other gay men, but he positively glows as Joseph Lees. His struggle, humility and
brilliance makes for a wonderful journey. Rupert's fabulous performance is matched by Samantha Morton who has played roles in PEAK PRACTICE, SOLDIER,SOLDIER and as the teenage prostitute in BAND OF GOLD apparently 'rocketed to fame' (in the UK).

Maybe the relationship between Eva and Janie is as good as it is because Morton is a young actor working with another younger actor Richardson, and she has been able to share some of her experience with the little sister... but whatever it is, the dynamic between these two will have many women pining for the days they had with their own little sister, and also probably reminding them of how they would have strangled her if they knew what she was up to. There should be a new category placed in the awards system - "Most distinguished performances in the role of siblings" - I nominate these two deft actors, fantastic job brilliantly

Screenwriter Catherine Linstrum, Director Eric Styles, Producer Chris Milburn all deserve credit for.... well will I say it again? A really good film!

David Jobling. 17.03.00


August 15th 2014 02:32

Australian pop icon Tina Arena is set to return to our shores this August to embark on a national tour following the overwhelming success of her latest album, her first original English language release in 12 years, Reset.

Tina Arena is a name that is synonymous with Australian music and pop culture. Her voice has resonated throughout generations from her early days on Young Talent Time, to her coming of age debut album Strong as Steel, through to her incredible international success with sophomore album, ten times platinum Don't Ask and follow up multi-platinum In Deep, and then again with 2001's Just Me.

Tina's career boasts an incredible playbook of anthemic hits that have penetrated the Australian musical landscape and earned her both critical and commercial acclaim both at home and abroad. Hits like platinum selling I Need Your Body, Chains, Heaven Help My Heart, Sorrento Moon, Burn, Now I Can Dance and Symphony Of Life have established Tina as Australia's premier songstress having recently been voted the greatest Australian female singer of all time by her Australian musical peers.

Then there's her extraordinary parallel pop career in her adopted home of France, where she's sold over 4 million records and received that country's highest cultural honour, a Knighthood of the Order of National Merit - a first for any Australian artist.

Tina was also the first woman to win the ARIA Award for "Album of the Year", and was bestowed the honour of opening the Sydney Olympic Games in 2000 and she has won several World Music Awards - there's also been her critically acclaimed stints as a music theatre star on the West End in London. And, more recently, her double platinum Songs of Love & Loss tribute albums and national symphonic tours. Away from music, in 2005, Tina became a mother to son Gabriel.

2013 marked Tina's triumphant return to the Australian charts with Reset being one of the highest selling Australian albums of year spending 3 months in the ARIA top 20, and earning a spot in News Limited's 'Top 20 Albums of the Year' list reconfirming Tina's unmistakeable ability to connect with Australian audiences. Described by News Limited's Cameron Adams as "... classy electro-pop ... modern but timeless ...", ABC radio called it "a landmark album - extraordinary" and the Sydney Morning Herald said "stylish and adult - all class"
You Set Fire to My Life, Reset All and Only Lonely are 3 songs from the album that have already charted and there are more to come.

Reset is Tina as we've not heard her before but at the same time doing what she does best.

2013 was also the year Tina had 7 albums and 10 singles simultaneously charting on iTunes after a high profile TV interview. She also released her anticipated biography "Now I Can Dance" last October and it's already in its 4th reprint.

With this latest album as the catalyst, Tina is embarking on the national Reset Tour this August and in keeping with the theme, Tina has created an exciting new show where she will bring to life the album and thrill audiences with hits from her entire career as they've never been seen before.

World-renowned director Bruce Ramus, who has designed and directed countless international live shows and events including U2, R.E.M., Bjork and David Bowie as well as some of television's biggest events - Academy Awards, Grammy Awards, MTV Awards and Super Bowl Halftime Shows - has also jumped on-board as Tina's co-creative director, and the results of this partnership are destined to be magical.

Tina said "I'm really excited that Australian audiences will be the first in the world to experience songs from Reset in a live environment. I'm so happy this album has connected with so many people and these songs are going to really come to life in this show."

Don't miss your chance to see Tina Arena light up the room on the Reset Tour when tickets go on sale from 2.00pm local time, Thursday March 20, 2014. The Reset album is available now through EMI Music Australia.

Tina Arena - Reset Tour

Tickets on sale from 2.00pm local time, Thursday March 20, 2014

Crown Theatre, Perth

Friday, August 15, 2014

Tickets available from and 132 849

Thebarton Theatre, Adelaide

Monday, August 18, 2014

Tickets available from and 08 8225 8888

Jupiters Theatre, Gold Coast

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Tickets available from and 132 849

Brisbane Convention Centre, Great Hall

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Tickets available from and 132 849

Cairns Convention Centre

Friday, August 29, 2014

Tickets available from and 1300 855 835

Townsville Entertainment Centre

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Tickets available from and 07 4771 4000

Wrest Point Entertainment Centre, Hobart

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Tickets available from and 1300 795 257

Tamworth Regional Entertainment and Convention Centre

Friday, September 5, 2014

Tickets available from and 02 6767 5300

Llewellyn Hall, Canberra

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Tickets available from and 132 849

Civic Theatre, Newcastle

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Tickets available from and 132 849 & Civic Theatre Box Office - (02) 4929 1977

The Star Event Centre, Sydney

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Tickets available from and 132 849

WIN Entertainment Centre, Wollongong

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Tickets available from and 132 849

Palais Theatre, Melbourne

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Tickets available from and 136 100



Edward Norton leads Chivas Toast and honours FilmAid
Christopher Hampton receives Filmmaker Award

Cannes, May 16th 2014 - As the film world's elite gathered in Cannes, official Festival sponsor Chivas Regal, the world's first luxury whisky paid tribute to its longstanding charity partner FilmAid at the Charles Finch Annual Filmmakers Dinner, as renowned actor and philanthropist, Edward Norton encouraged the industry to toast the community-spirited side of the world’s silver screen legends with a glass of Chivas Regal 25.

Held against the stunning backdrop of the Riviera and hosted by Charles Finch, the Annual Filmmakers Dinner was the most glamorous and exclusive place to dine at the start of the Festival’s first weekend and the world’s stars and cultural powerhouses were certainly in attendance, including Naomi Watts, Harvey Weinstein, Gael Garcia Bernal, Gemma Arterton, Bryan Ferry, Julian Schnabel, Lea Seydoux, and Gong Li, Daniel Bruhl, and Matt Smith.

Charles Finch of Finch & Partners and Chivas Regal 25 were proud to honour OSCAR-winning filmmakers, Alfonso Cuáron and Christopher Hampton. Hampton is an acclaimed British screenwriter and film director best known for films such as Dangerous Liaisons and Atonement and Cuáron, is perhaps best known for his recent OSCAR win for ‘Best Director’ for Gravity at this year’s Academy Awards. Both recipients were presented with the Filmmakers Award for their exceptional contributions to the film industry over the years. Previous recipients include: Bernardo Bertolucci, Terry Gilliam, Bertrand Tavernier and Jeremy Thomas.

The evening culminated with guest of honour Edward Norton leading a toast and presenting a cheque of $100,000 to Simon Goff of FilmAid on behalf of Chivas Regal 25. Norton is renowned for his award-nominated work both in front and behind the camera, and also for his lifelong support for social activism and philanthropy, and the donation demonstrates Chivas Regal 25’s on-going support for the charity that aims to use the power of film to bring aid, hope and education to refugees and other communities in need of help around the world.

Edward Norton, Simon Goff, FilmAid International, Charles Finch Filmmakers Dinner, 67th Cannes Film Festival
CAP D'ANTIBES, FRANCE - MAY 16: Edward Norton (L) and Simon Goff, Executive Director of FilmAid International, attend at the annual Charles Finch Filmmakers Dinner during the 67th Cannes Film Festival at Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc on May 16, 2014 in Cap d'Antibes, France. (Photo by David M. Benett/Getty Images for Charles Finch)

Edward Norton commented: “It is a great pleasure to be here tonight at the Charles Finch Filmmakers Dinner, sponsored by Chivas Regal 25. To be able to present FilmAid with such a generous donation on behalf of Chivas Regal is a great honour. Philanthropy & activism are causes hugely important to me. Increasingly, we are seeing brands addressing social and environmental issues more than ever before. Charitable causes such as Filmaid need support in order to drive awareness and change consumer attitudes and behavior. With the help of partners like Chivas Regal around the world, FilmAid will be able to reach their next milestone.”

Simon Goff, Executive Director of Film Aid commented “At Film Aid we witness the power of film every day – to change lives, shape communities and give voice to refugees. We are very grateful to Chivas Regal for their ongoing support and commitment to our charity.”

Charles Finch, CEO of Finch and Partners commented: “We're thrilled to be holding the annual Filmmakers dinner at the 67th Cannes Film Festival for the 6th year and we're delighted that Chivas Regal 25 is supporting us. Since the beginning, we have honoured some incredible filmmakers including, Jeremy Thomas, Bertrand Tavernier, Terry Gilliam, most recently Bernardo Bertolucci, and this year is no exception with Christopher Hampton and Alfonso Cuáron.”

Richard Black, Global Brand Director, Chivas Regal added: “We are delighted to have the opportunity to honour Christopher Hampton and Alfonso Cuáron for their unrivalled contribution to the film industry at the Charles Finch Filmmakers’ Dinner. We are also pleased to be continuing our journey with such a prestigious charity whereby we can help change peoples’ lives through film. We look forward to another legendary year at the Cannes Film Festival.”


May 1st 2014 02:11





Producer ALISTAIR THOMSON and director LISA FRESHWATER are thrilled to announce that their new independent theatre company THE THEATRE DIVISION will produce the Sydney Premiere season of RUTHLESS! THE MUSICAL, playing an exclusive three-week season from 20 June to 5 July 2014 as part of The 2014 Reginald Season at The Seymour Centre.

Winner of the New York Outer Critics Circle Award for Best Off-Broadway Musical, RUTHLESS! is a razor sharp send-up of the entertainment business, full of witty one-liners, bright, brassy show tunes and ingenious plot twists. RUTHLESS! turns housewives into movie stars, grandmothers into grand dames, and children into sociopaths, all the while parodying Broadway and Hollywood classics Gypsy, Mame, The Women, The Bad Seed and All About Eve.

The Sydney premiere of this hilarious dark comedy stars an all-female cast featuring musical theatre favourites KATRINA RETALLICK, MEREDITH O’REILLY, MARGI DE FERRANTI and CAITLIN BERRY, with the iconic GERALDINE TURNER as Broadway critic ‘Lita Encore’.
THE THEATRE DIVISION is an emerging independent theatre company established in 2014 by producer Alistair Thomson and director Lisa Freshwater to develop, produce and tour popular, innovative live entertainment.

Productions will range from intimate solo shows and regional tours to concerts and large-scale theatrical productions. THE THEATRE DIVISION is the culmination of Thomson and Freshwater’s creative partnership that has seen the production of the charity concerts Raise the Roof! and Hats Off! and the Launchpad cabaret seasons. Freshwater directed the new Australian musicals Every Single Saturday and Life Force and Thomson produced the Sydney premiere of Follies at the SOH.

For more information visit


“HILARIOUS... it is beyond praise!” New York Daily News

“Merry mayhem...Malicious, delicious and a total joy.” New York Observer

“A spoof that has enough absurd plot twists and multiple identities to fill several old movies...the fun comes from the sheer brazenness” The New York Times

“Wild amusement” New York Post

“A wonderfully smart and funny send up of every Broadway brat from Gypsy to The Bad Seed...loaded with campy wit and charm.” Variety


Season: Thursday 19 June – Saturday 5 July
Performances: Tuesday – Saturday 7.30pm; Wednesday 1pm; Saturday 2pm
Prices: Adult $49; Concession / Preview / Groups (10 ) $42;
Multi-Tix $39.20*

*Multi-Tix: Must purchase more than one Reginald Season production. Available by phone or in person at the Box Office
Bookings: 02 9351 7940 or

Bliss N Eso

April 15th 2014 02:54


Bliss N Eso have kicked off their biggest ever tour in style with a huge opening show at Bathurst Showground and a thumping crowd of over 4,000 in Newcastle on Saturday night (12/4/14).

The Circus Under the Stars tour (Check it out here) sees the trio ship tonnes of state-of-the-art staging equipment across the country over a two month period, setting up outdoor stages in massive parks in sixteen cities. They are joined by two of the country’s biggest up-and-coming hip-hop artists; Melbourne’s Seth Sentry and Sydney’s Horrorshow, as well as cult American singer-songwriter Ceekay Jones who features on the trio’s hit single ‘My Life’.

The enormous tour hits Bliss N Eso's hometown of Sydney this Thursday night (Good Friday Eve) where they take over The Domain, one of the city’s most iconic outdoor locations and the former site of Homebake Festival. Alongside an entirely new set-list and incredible production, it will also be Sydney fans’ first opportunity to see the recently unveiled Bliss N Eso customised Kombi. Three years in the making, the Kombi has a couple of special features which are only unveiled in person.

Go behind the scenes on the van’s grand unveiling at Circus Under the Stars’ opening show here.

One of the highest selling Australian albums of the last year, the band's latest album Circus in the Sky (out now through Illusive) has now achieved Platinum sales status – their second release in a row to achieve the feat. The album has spawned a number of massive singles including ‘My Life’, ‘House of Dreams’ (the soundtrack to the AFL Finals), ‘Can’t Get Rid of This Feeling’ (feat. Daniel Merriweather) and ‘Act Your Age’ (feat. Bluejuice).

With tickets flying across the country, massive outdoor stages in every city and the biggest headline bill the genre has ever seen, this is shaping up to be one tour that will be talked about for years to come. Don’t miss out.

APRIL / MAY 2014

Tickets on sale now

Thu 17 Apr Sydney | The Domain, NSW (All Ages) | Ph: 1800 GET TIX

Sat 19 Apr Coffs Harbour | Showground, NSW (All Ages) | Ph: 1800 GET TIX

Thu 24 Apr Brisbane | Riverstage, QLD (All Ages) | Ph: 1800 GET TIX

Fri 25 Apr Mackay | The Stadium, QLD (All Ages) | Ph: 1800 GET TIX

Sat 26 Apr Cairns | Fogarty Park, QLD (All Ages) | Ph: 1800 GET TIX

Fri 2 May Busselton | Signal Park, WA (All Ages) | Ph: 1800 GET TIX

Sat 3 May Perth | Wellington Square, WA (All Ages) | Ph: 1800 GET TIX

Fri 9 May Wagga Wagga | Showgrounds, NSW (All Ages) | Ph: 1800 GET TIX

Sat 10 May Ballarat | Showgrounds, VIC (All Ages) | Ph: 1800 GET TIX

Thu 15 May Bendigo | Showgrounds, VIC (All Ages) | Ph: 1800 GET TIX

Fri 16 May Melbourne | Flemington Racecourse, VIC (All Ages) | Ph: 1800 GET TIX

Fri 23 May Mount Gambier | Showgrounds, SA (All Ages) | Ph: 1800 GET TIX

Sat 24 May Adelaide | Tampawardli Park (Park 24), SA (All Ages) | Ph: 1800 GET TIX

Sat 31 May Hobart | Macquarie Wharf 2, TAS (All Ages) | Ph: 1800 GET TIX


April 14th 2014 01:47


Monday 19th May - Saturday 31st May 2014

Slide Lounge, 41 Oxford Street, Darlinghurst and Pullman Hyde Park, 36 College Street Sydney.

Three Course Dinner and Show Packages from $70.00 7pm (pre purchased only)

Show Only Tickets from $30.00

The THIRD ANNUAL SLIDE CABARET FESTIVAL is the biggest and best yet with the addition of a new venue, a late night piano bar, an exciting variety of supporting artists and of course, the stellar line up of award winning local, national and international artists that Slide has proven can deliver to Sydney time and time again.

We are thrilled to announce the star of Ten’s WONDERLAND, BEN MINGAY as this year’s Festival Ambassador. Last year Ben played the role of ‘Buzz’ for Network 7’s final series of Packed to the Rafters, he also performed as a featured artist for Room 8’s spectacular 'Songs of James Bond'. In 2012, he starred as 'Zack Mayo' in the World Premiere of An Officer and A Gentleman, following a Sydney season as the infamous 'Tommy DeVito’ in the award winning musical Jersey Boys. Spend an evening with the mercurial Ben Mingay as he takes you on his unconventional journey through the entertainment industry!

Get your Pop, Rock and Soul food, a side of Musical Theatre and some Opera for dessert. From Bill Medley to Mozart, Joe Cocker to Carousel, this evening is guaranteed to satisfy your musical appetite.

Kicking off the festival on May 19 is the ACMF Music Trivia Fundraiser hosted by DICKO and CATHERINE ALCORN. ACMF, The Australian Children’s Music Foundation, passionately believes that no child should be deprived of access to a music education. Join your hosts and ACMF Ambassadors Guy Noble, Michael Cormick and Peter Northcott for a wonderful evening that will raise money for the ACMF... with special guest performances and celebrity appearances.

A fabulous night of laughs, trivia, food and goodwill, so get a table of friends together! ACMF - Changing young lives through music.

Award winning New York based cabaret artist KIM SMITH returns to Slide to present his brand new show ‘Nova Noir’ charting a dark and whimsical path through a neo-Weimar pop-fantasia of genre-bending pop and peculiar period treasures. Mining his debut album, Nova, Smith gives his own electropop originals a decadent 1920′s treatment, while re-imagining works by Weimar-era composers, and modern-day artists alike, including: Friedrich Hollaender, Cher, Kurt Weill, the Supremes, Hanns Eisler, and myriad glittering others.

Thanks to this years principle sponsor, The Pullman Hyde Park Hotel, festival goers can look forward to an entirely new concept and experience when International never was and washed-up celebrity UTA UBER KOOL JA comes to town. Like all fabulous divas, this is one comeback tour that will never end. In 2012, she had to increase capacity; such was the demand for her hotel room parties. So now, Uta is coming to Sydney baring all: she’ll dance for you; cry at you; laugh with you. Her intimate parties take place inside a premiere suite at The Pullman Hyde Park hotel on Fri 23, Sat 24, Fri 30 and Sat 31 May. Every inch of the room is Uta's stage, and the audience are her guests. Inspired by amazing women of the 20th and 21st century Uta Uber Kool Ja is a tongue-in-cheek fictional biography of Uta: an actor/feminist/pop star/artist/designer/exhibiti onist/rock star.

AVIGAIL HERMAN presents her brand new show ‘Good Girl/Bad Girl’; a modern day look at the seven deadly sins & heavenly virtues & was inspired by Audra Macdonald’s 2004 song cycle of the seven deadly sins. An eclectic array of songs & stories create a funny, poignant & sometimes startling evening. Through a series of characters & wonderful music written by the likes of Ricky Ian Gordon, Jeff Blumenkrantz, Stephen Flaherty & Lyn Ahrens , Stephen Sondheim, Annie Dinnerman, John Bucchino & Lance Horne to mention but a few, we investigate & ponder just how these sins & virtues instruct & influence our very existence or do they?

After a triumphant debut at Slide last year, London cabaret savant SPANKY returns to Slide with his award winning show Candice McQueen: Nasty - hyper-mythological cabaret and musical fable of an immortal Mister Sister named Candice. Set across time, and throughout the ages, Candice was already here when God created the Earth, she hung out with Mary in biblical Jerusalem, and River Phoenix lured her deep into the Hollywood maddened Los Angeles of the 1990’s! With a spectacular live soundtrack featuring music by the Indigo Girls, Color Me Badd, Vanilla Ice, MC Hammer, Alanis Morrisette, All Saints and Roxette - played live onstage by British rock wunderkind, guitarist Chris Booroff (Kids Can’t Fly).

DEBORA KRIZAK (A Chorus Line, Sweet Charity) brings us cABBAret, the story of ABBA ‘de-flared’ and stripped naked. Behind the sickly sweet melodies of the some of the most successfully written pop songs, lay the sordid tales, the mystery and the genius behind the biggest super group of all time. Join Deborah as she takes you on this “Fabba-lous” musical journey, backed by some of the country’s best musicians- for a toe-tapping, musically enlightening and ‘tragically’ funny insight into the workings of one of the most memorable acts in history.

Just when you think you’d seen it all, THE BOLD AND THE MUSICAL comes along. Bitch fights and fisty cuffs, love triangles (squares and/or oblongs),wedding crashing ex-fiencees, transient amnesiac husbands and wives who rise from the dead. Aussie singer/songwriter Bianca Moon, and renowned Musical Director Anne-Maree McDonal are the women who write the music behind the worlds most watched TV soap opera, The Bold and the Beautiful, and now, we bring it to you live on stage! Be afraid. Be very afraid! Starring Barry Quin, Michael Cormick, Lesley Hancock, Debora Krizak, PJ Lane and Bianca Moon.

Every Wednesday to Friday night throughout the festival Slide will turn into the LATE NIGHT PIANO BAR when host DARREN MAPES takes over the stage. Ticket holders will be invited and encouraged to stick around after the headlining shows to embrace the old school New York piano bar style and sing along to their favourite tunes. They may even spot a celebrity guest!

Audiences will be treated to extra special entertainment this year as we add supporting artists to the roster including 2014 Cabaret Showcase Winner MELODY BECK, Cabaret Showcase finalist BRENDAN HAY, critically acclaimed Adelaide entertainer MATT GILBERTSON and award winning artist MICHAEL GRIFFITHS.

Venue: Slide Lounge, 41 Oxford Street, Darlinghurst and Pullman Hyde Park, 36 College Street Sydney.
Dates: Monday 19 May – Saturday 31 May 2014
Prices: Three Course Dinner and Show Packages from $70.00 7pm (pre purchased only)
Show Only Tickets from $30.00
Bookings: or call Slide on 02 8915 1899


April 7th 2014 05:12

He's one of the country's most successful musicians, whose career has taken him around the world, but this June Josh Pyke will be taking his solo tour to the very heart of Australia, performing to his most regional supporters.

The last 12-months has seen Josh release his fourth ARIA nominated studio album, The Beginning And The End of Everything, followed by extensive touring, which took him around the country twice over.

Having only just announced his involvement in The Beatles White Album Concert alongside Chris Cheney (The Living End), Phil Jamison (Grinspoon) and Tim Rogers (You Am I), Josh is back with another tour announcement!

Beginning June 6 at the Montrose Town Centre in Victoria, Josh will visit some of Australia’s most remote stages on this very special 12-date regional tour.

Joining Josh on the road is Jack Carty, who just 4 years ago took a leap of faith to answer the voices in his gut. The short time since has seen: the release of two albums, two EP’s, extensive touring nationally and internationally, songs on soundtracks and duets with idols from his teen-hood. Jack will take his indie/folk tunes on the road for all shows expect Darwin and Broome.

Known for selling out tours, Josh’s ability to actively engage with his audience drives fans to return year after year to witness his onstage presence. Don’t miss your chance to experience this seasoned performer on a stage near you! Tickets on sale Thursday 10 April, 9am.


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